2016 CELEBRATE KIDS! CONFERENCE – Workshop Materials

Below are the materials submitted to Ohio CASA by speakers at the 2016 Celebrate Kids! Conference. Materials not listed were not submitted to Ohio CASA.

The materials below are listed in order by workshop number. Unless otherwise noted, the materials are  PowerPoint presentations used by workshop speakers.

W01. Ohio CASA 101

T01. Work-Life Balance

T02. GAL Report Sample (handout)

T02. Planning for Parenting Time: Ohio’s Guide for Parents Living Apart (handout)

T02. Roles and Duties of the Guardian ad Litem (handout)

T02. Guardian ad Litem Data Sheet for Contested Custody/Visitation Cases (handout)

T03. Understanding Trauma: How to Help, Not Hinder

T05. Mindfulness: The Key to Health & Wellness

T06. Understanding the Evaluation Process: IDEA 2004

T07. Native American Children & the Courts

T08. Reactive Attachment Disorder

T08. Attachment Disorder Diagram (handout)

T09. Strategies to Effectively Engage Youth

T11. Permanency After Permanent Custody

T12. Taking a Closer Look: AD/HD

T17. Triumph Through the Challenges of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

T19. The Bull Stops Here (presentation with handouts)

T20. Preparing to Face the World on My Own

T21. Managing Difficult Conversations

T21. Difficult conversation exercise (handout)

T23. Custody Options for Children Involved in the Child Welfare System

T27. The Impact of Family Violence on Children

T27. NCTSN Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet (handout)

T27. NCTSN NCCTS Leadership: Trauma-Informed Systems (handout)

T30. MOMS: Building Parnerships to Improve Care

F02: Report Writing Materials

F04. Toxic Stress to Safe Zone

F08, Case study (handout)

F08. Safety Assessment Worksheet (handout)

F08. Safety Assessment Factors (handout)

F08. CAPMIS Tools (handout)

F08. Key Decisions in the Case Process (handout)