CASA in Ohio

There are  42 local CASA programs in Ohio serving children in 51 counties.

By supporting local programs and volunteers, the Ohio CASA/GAL Association helps Ohio children emerge from the trauma of abuse and neglect to an environment where they can thrive.

Ohio CASA is part of a nationwide network that recruits, screens and trains volunteers from local communities to help judges keep maltreated children safe and determine their best interest.

Thrust into court proceedings and often moved into the homes of strangers, maltreated children live with the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of instability and anxiety. Specially trained to advocate for a child or sibling group’s best interest, CASA volunteers ensure children’s rights are protected and their needs are met.

Cases can last several years, during which time children will change foster homes three times on average. But once appointed, CASA volunteers stay with their assigned children throughout, often becoming the only consistent, stable adult presence in their lives.

CASA programs enrich their communities by encouraging civic engagement. Working by judicial assignment and in conjunction with local officials, CASA volunteers help relieve the strain on overburdened child welfare systems and court dockets.

The need is ongoing. And growing. Every societal challenge that stresses public resources eventually takes its toll on our children.

Ohio CASA is focused on keeping pace with the state’s changing needs. We provide start-up funding in counties not currently served by CASA programs, and financially support existing programs to help sustain their services.

We also represent the interest of local CASA programs with public officials, collaborating with other child- and family-centered entities and the General Assembly.